Practical Japan Inc.

Practical is a leading distributor of food/feed/beverage safety test kits and analytical instruments all over Japan. And we are also manufacturing our own test kits. Our suppliers are all worldwide manufacturers that we have made long, strong relationship and can recommend to clients with full reliability.

Analysis objects are not only microorganism, but also covering various hazards like mycotoxin, GMO, allergen, agrichemical, veterinary drug, natural toxins, etc. Those base technologies are PCR, Immuno-Chromatography, ELISA, Enzymatic assay, and Culture media. And distributing Reference Materials, Sample preparation tolls, Optical Instruments, too.

Our managements have dedicated to food safety for 25years more. Many test kits have been introduced into Japanese researchers and officials. And have been listed as governmental approved methods or notices. We believe it is because of our communication bridging clients and suppliers based on our wide experiences and knowledges. And performance check system and application development for Japanese market are important, too.

We are always engaging to supply “practical” solutions for safer food, feed, beverages and environment.

Company name Practical Japan Inc.
CEO Eiji Yoshida
Head office location 2-15 Yayoicho, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, 263-0022 JAPAN
Web site
Contact information Tel:81-(0)43-306-1531 Fax:81-(0)43-306-1541
Establishment date March 2007
Main suppliers EnviroLogix(USA) , PerkinElmer-BIOO Scientific(USA), BIOTECON Diagnostics(Germany), HORIBA(Japan), JNC Corporation(Japan), Trilogy Analytical Laboratory(USA), Aboatox(Finland), Affinisep(France), Awareness Technologies(USA), Interscience(France)